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– Meet Angela Roberts –


Angela Roberts, aka ‘Sweet Fire of Grace”, is a Liberated and Joyful Creator- a Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Artist, and Entrepreneur. She is emerging in the Women Rising Movement as a Dynamic Leader fiercely dedicated to honoring and restoring our connection to the divine and the ancient wisdom pulsing through the body held sacred by our indigenous elder’s, so that we may live in harmony with creation.

Her movement medicine developed through an intimate lifelong affair with dance that began at age five, living on reservation land with the Ute Indians in Utah. She was captivated with her feet in the soil at powwows watching others release their pain and harness their power through the dance.  

As a professional dancer, she learned to harness her personal power through movement. She became conscious of her Personal Creative Power and how we co-create our lives and manifest desires with Spirit (the living energy in all that is.) She is a Natural Rhythms Life Creation Coach™ & Dance Facilitator and a visionary council member of the Natural Rhythms Feminine Leadership Revolution. She created, Wisdom thru the Wild & Beyond™ Classes & Events, so women can discover their pathway to liberation from stress, anxiety, and exhaustion and find their way to restoration, strength, and joy again! 

“As I think of you dear sister, joining us for Temple Body Day, Spirit whispered to me saying… ‘turn to the Sacred Earth, for she knows the path of liberation through the Temple Body to reclaim your sovereign creative power!’ “

What does it mean to liberate your temple body?

“Liberating my temple body means recognizing and surrendering to divinity within and without. Using my sovereign power to seek the pathway and make choices to be in alignment with my soul’s divine expression and in oneness with Spirit as it flows through all that is.  As I find myself in that  alignment I am filled with divine intention and inspiration and choose to manifest a new reality, bringing the wisdom of the journey and my spirits creative intent into the physical world. That is the full liberation of my temple body, when I choose consciously to manifest intentionally the call of spirit into matter.”

– Angela Roberts

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