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– Meet Maite Onochie –

After 15 years of working internationally as a social anthropologist specialised in early childhood development and childrearing, Maite’s deep heart-knowing took her on a profound pilgrimage, from her heart into the depths of her womb. It was here that she realised the need in these modern times to re-inhabit our bodies, and in doing so, the potentiality in ending cycles of violence. 
Today, she weaves the ancient practices of the yogic tradition, her background as birthworker and the latest science that supports and reaffirms the ancient ways of returning to the body through intentional breathwork, expressive movement, prayer and intention.
Maite supports women to explore, dive deep and access the inner wisdom that enables one to live in joy, liberation, pure presence and radical pleasure. 
In the same way that Maite supports birthing people to remember how to inhabit the divine vessel that is the body and how to trust in their ability to birth lovingly and pleasurably, she calls upon all of us to access and TRUST the sacred potential of conscious conception, conscious gestation, conscious birth and ultimately conscious parenting.
The more we live connected to our bodies and its cyclical rhythms the more we will ultimately live in harmony with the Great Cosmic Womb.

What does it mean to liberate your temple body?

“To liberate my Temple Body is to return to the sacredness that resides within through commitment to my daily ritual.  The ritual may change in format, some days it may be movement, others is stillness, but is the dedication to commit to time with myself, so I can pause, listen, breath and be ready to receive the whispers from within. It is this daily ritual that enables me to clear the knots and contractions from any ancestral and childhood stories that hold me back from pure love and radical pleasure. And the same I wish for you.”

– Maite Onochie

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