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I’m a life explorer and adventurous woman. I’ve combine my two passions in life: the media and different holistic disciplines to help people to have a better life, full of abundance, health and pleasure. I’m co-funder at, an online store for superfoods and healthy products and founder of, a blog where me and other experts in different areas of wellness, share our ideas to help people to have a healthier life, better relationships and a free and satisfying sexuality.

I’m author of the bestsellers : From Point A to Point G, The Art of Healthy Living, The Colors of Love, The Art of Transformation and my eBook: Sacred Sex, and a speaker in themes related to conscience, wellness, women empowerment and sexuality. I do workshops and massive classes in yorgasmic yoga, yorgasmic dance, ecstatic dance, tantra, energetics and sexuality. I’m certified by Sivananda, Yoga Works in Los Angeles, as a chef and holistic nutritionist by the Natural Gourmet Institute and Integrative Nutrition in New York and in Tantric Sexuality Tantra Xo. You can see on television my program in English “Coffee, tea or sex” on YouTube.

Body arts means for me the full expression of our body. Expressing emotions, sensations, energy and enhancing the possibility of our movements.

My unique expression is through my sensuality, expressing what I hear, feel, taste, see and touch with my body. I love to dance as an expression of what is happening for me in a moment. Enjoy contact improvisation because I enjoy touch. That is the other way I express by touching humans and tune in to how they enjoy to be touch, its an art form because everybody is different.