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Melissa Michaels

Melissa Michaels, Ed.D., creates movement-based cross-cultural community rites of passage events focusing life’s major thresholds. As the founder and director of Surfing The Creative rites of passage programs for youth, Shakti Sisterhood initiatory journeys for women, and the not-for-profit organization, Golden Bridge, Melissa developed the first contemporary international leadership programs rooted in dance. These processes have empowered hundreds of embodied social entrepreneurs and peace builders around the world. From schools in our inner cities, to refugee settlements, to the United Nations, Melissa is a midwife of the soul who has dedicated herself to our collective renewal through the liberation of the creative Spirit. She shares the story of this work in her soon to be released book: Youth On Fire.

Temple Body Arts are practices, processes, and pathways for cultivating peace, peace within and peace for the wellbeing of all of life. Somatic in their root, Temple Body Arts cultivate and amplify the truth that we are sacred and that the body is the ever-expanding landscape for the remembrance and cultivation of this reality. These evolving arts invite us as women to live from our most authentic selves, our deepest wisdom, and our most radiant joy. They arts are catalysts for the inner excavation and cultivation of one’s vast and ever expanding creativity. They are also doorways to heal the past and move into the world with ever more capacity to simple be an embodiment of love in action. The exploration of movement and stillness within and in leadership are my primary ways of coming home to myself and to my deepest knowing that my body is a temple and a work of art!

My expression is in everything I do … how I dance, pray, clean the house, attend to emails, love my husband, teach my students.

Sofiah is vibrantly alive and deeply devoted to becoming a full embodiment of the Divine Feminine. She is a brilliant teacher of joy and beauty in motion. Her devotion to inspiring women is true and always inviting her to become the best version of herself possible. Let her guide you to that same consciousness in yourself!