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aradia sunseri

Aradia Julia Sunseri is a Temple Fusion Belly Dance artist & Founder of Ritual Movement Arts.
Aradia has over 15 years of experience in the movement arts and performance in theater, on film and stage. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance and original handmade costumes. As an interdisciplinary artist, priestess and lifelong yogini, Aradia is devoted to the remembrance of the of the divine feminine. Her unique style incorporates Tribal/ Temple fusion belly dance, modern dance, fire dance, ballet and butoh. Aradia’s art is rooted in yoga, somatic dance therapy modalities, ritual performance & theatrical improvisation.

Is an innovative blend of Hatha yoga, Temple Fusion Belly Dance, & Ritual Theatre.
Enter into the mandala of sacred dance & explore the art of women’s vitality practices. Since 2008 (R.MA) Founder & Instructor Aradia Sunseri has been teaching women’s workshops, retreats, & festivals internationally. Honoring the transmissions & lineage work of sacred dance she weaves the meditative aspects of ceremony & cultivation of personal practice. Empowering the global sisterhood in awakening into the body’s natural wisdom & ecstasy of self-expression.



Exploring & expressing through sacred dance The daily art of embodiment.
For over 15 years I have been dedicated to the art form of Tribal/ Temple belly dance. Along with yoga & other forms of dance, this has been my souls sadna. (Spiritual Practices) This is ancient work around celebrating & honoring the sensual & creative energies we as women carry. The dance opens the lens for your body temple to be a conduit for healing & joy. All aspects of the goddess are connected to the womb & phases of a woman’s life.