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Robin Sol

Robin Sol Lieberman is a cultural anthropologist by training and a human potential activist by practice. She is Founder of TrueCharisma and author of The Charisma Code: Communicating in a Language Beyond Words. When Robin Sol was 18 years old she had the crescent moon tattooed on her right thumb as a permanent commitment to do the work of the Goddess. She has since brought her “thumb” into what many would call the darkest corners of America: our prisons. All of Robin Sol’s teachings focus on bringing the vital, intelligent domain of embodiment to a mostly disembodied world. She has spoken at the United Nations Headquarters, worked with emerging global leaders through events organized by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with new arrival immigrants, refugees, prisoners, ex-offenders, university students and with the marketing teams of international companies such as Pfizer. During this emotionally-heightened political season, Robin has been a regular TV-and-radio-guest expert on Fox, the CW and SiriusXM, as well as a contributor to Arianna Huffington’s new start-up, Thrive Global.
“Embodiment is the key to congruent communication, rapport building, and staying on your unique, glory-filled path,” says Robin Sol. Begin your embodiment journey today by discovering what Charisma Type you authentically communicate and lead with at

Temple Body Arts is yummy! It’s when we sanctify the temple that is our body, saturating it in mental, physical and emotional kindness + devotion. Whatever we “do” from that place is art!

Dance, Lovemaking and Communication are three of my personal favorite Temple Body Arts.

The first moment I laid eyes upon Sofiah Thom, she was teaching a class at Burning Man. I walked past her tent and stopped in awe. This bold woman with a voice as sensual as her movements, reminded me that the Goddess is alive and well! Luckily, I’ve now had over a decade to grow my continued admiration and love for the artist and teacher that is Sofiah Thom. Sofiah is a rare gift to humanity in this era of disembodiment in that she prioritizes beauty, play, sensuality, pleasure and the sacred as legit modalities for enhancing wellness, human potential and joyful relationship. If you choose to study with Sofiah Thom, get ready to be transported into a world of deep-feminine magic splashed with jasmine and the exotic scent of an incense we almost forgot.