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Melodia Medley

Melodia is an entrepreneur and has been the designer/creatrix of MelodiaDesigns for over one and a half decades. Melodia has lovingly been given the title Goddess Enabler by her adoring customers as her clothes seem to empower women to feel extraordinary. Her unique designs are made with buttery soft fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo which leave the wearer feeling as good as they look. Melodia also loves cats, dance, yoga, and healing with foods.

To me Temple Body Arts encompasses many modalitys which celebrates your body temple.
For me this includes movement, ritual and adornment with the focus of celebrating my unique brand of feminist.

When I think of Sofiah my heart expands to embrace the great beauty she possesses.
Beyond her obvious physical georgousness I see a woman with a special kind of playful tenderness that inspires other women to come out of their shell… myself included.