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Monika Nataraj

Monika Nataraj leads women’s transformational retreats and teacher trainings in 22 countries worldwide. She weaves a holistic model of feminine leadership, incorporating wisdom practices of sacred movement, tantra yoga, meditation, ritual and inner work.

In 1999, Monika left her life in the west, as corporate executive by day and professional belly dancer by night, to follow the call of her soul. She has spent the past 18 years, primarily in Asia, intensively studying and practicing with masters of Indian Tantra, Tibetan Buddhism, Sufism and Shamanism.

Monika is the creatrix of Mystical Dance® and Shakti Spirit®. There are 230+ women from 42 countries to whom Monika has offered 200-hour certifications in the tantric arts. Monika is a cosmic nomad at heart, living on the road and in temple service.

She took the name Nataraj — Shiva in the dancing form — to remind her always that consciousness and creativity are eternally moving as One.

Temple Body Arts helps me re-call that we are sacred, creative beings. Our manifested bodies are vehicles of consciousness. Every breath is pure presence, each gesture a surrendered prayer, the five senses celebratory gateways to true knowing.

Deep bows to Sofiah for her courage, compassion and commitment to birthing this potent, virtual temple of shaktihood. Sofiah’s vision and magic-making are awe inspiring. She embodies collaboration, celebration and wisdom in action. May her soul mission continue to benefit all beings.