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Parashakti Sigalit Bat – Haim

Born in Jerusalem, Israel Parashakti Sigalit moved to the States to pursue her life long love of Dance and Ritual. She studied many different ancient modalities of movement therapy based out of the roots of Shamanism. These profound teachings led her to develop the life-changing methodology known as Dance of Liberation™.

Her commitment to clients’ well-being led Parashakti to subsequently develop, as well, SoulHealing®, private intuitive healing sessions to help clients’ create a pathway to discover their soul’s deeper meanings and life mission. She has drawn on this modality to work closely and extensively with clients who are striving to overcome forms of addiction.

Parashakti has worked with over 10,000 clients from around the world and leads workshops, retreats and teacher trainings.

She is both the subject and co-producer of a full-length documentary: Dance of Liberation, with the Wolper Organization, at Warner Brothers.

Temple Body Arts is a platform to delve deep into an exploration and discovery of awakening and embodying the true essence of the divine feminine.

My unique expression of the Temples Body Arts is co creating a sacred container for the path of Initiation in alignment with each one’s Souls purpose and mission.

It is a great honor to work with Sofia, a pioneer, and high priestess, a master of awakening the divine feminine Spirit on and off the dance floor.