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Deb Rubin

Deb Rubin, MA, CMT, RYT, is an internationally-acclaimed teacher/performer of tribal fusion belly dance, a yoga teacher, integrative bodyworker, somatic educator, and women’s transformational health coach.
Founder of Dance Therapeutics Training & Certification Programs, SattyaBody Women’s Health, SF Mecca Immersion retreat into the heart& soul of San Francisco Tribal, and director of Project Merkaba Dance Co, Deb currently teaches workshops, trainings, & Embodied Artistry women’s retreats around the globe, fusing yoga, tribal fusion belly dance, performance artistry, and therapeutics. She recently collaborated with Shiva Rea, as part of Shiva’s Shakti Sadhana series, is published in Yoga Journal Magazine and FUSE magazine.
With 15 yrs experience working in the field of mind/body medicine, and 30+yrs in dedicated study and performance of dance (many genres), & as a longtime student and teacher of Yoga, her teachings are infused with a deep embodiment of the divine feminine, and somatic approach to accessing and moving from the depths of our core, empowering the radiance within, & bridging yoga off mat, into dance, onto stage, and into artful living.

As dancers, as women, our body is our creative vessel. It is our home. It is what we birth and sustain life through. What we live in and inhabit every day of our lives. Temple Body Arts, to me, means practices and arts that honor the body as our temple, with intention, prayer, expression, and individual creativity and voice. It’s about tuning IN to the present moment, and what’s most alive or present for you in the moment, cultivating a positive, healing relationships with our bodies. It includes practices that return us again and again to our home, our embodied spirituality, our emotions, our present moment, our creativity, and -as women- our embodied feminine power and expression, which is so important now on this planet! To learn to more fully inhabit and accept our temple body, honor the sacred temple within, bring our awareness back in and through the body as a gateway in to mind, spirit, healing, we can move from that place of center, core, Truth, (“Sattyabody”), in all that we do out in the world. For me, it is through Yoga, movement, dance, body energetics practices, artistic expression, tribal fusion belly dance, and performance arts that I find my unique expression of Temple Body Arts and guide others back into themselves as well. And, through our tribe of empowered, embodied, shakti sisters, we form a collective Temple Body Arts community, inspiring each other through our deepest embodiment, expression, and Truth. <3

I fully join and support Sofiah’s mission to awaken humanity to the wisdom, power, and magic living within their Temple Body. It’s been such an honor and joy to witness the evolution of this awakening and Temple Body movement over the past decade (or more) of knowing, dancing, deepening, and collaborating with Sofiah in various temple body incarnations. You are a bright light and a gorgeous embodiment of all that you stand for and are passionate about, and are helping women all over the world wake up to their own juicy embodiment, sensuality, and creativity, and inspiring women everywhere to fully live their YES! and dance the canvas of their dreams awake. Luv u mucho… <3 <3