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Holly Hamilton

Holly Hamilton is the Founder of Awakening Avalon School of Earth Wisdom. She runs a 3 year Priestess Path program that is an alchemical crucible of initiation for women to become fully embodied spiritual leaders. A practical mystic, sacred activist, and the mother of an incredible girl, her life is dedicated to feeding the holy through ceremony, teaching, and writing. She is a champion of all of the faces of womanhood, with a particular love for the Dark Goddess. She holds her Doctorate in Divinity and has taught the Divine Feminine Mysteries for over 2 decades.

For me, Temple Body Arts is the honoring of the vast resources of ancient and eternal power that live in our bodies. In each cell of our physical bodies, we have all the wisdom of the ages. When we move with reverence and respect for the deep nature of our bodies, when we listen with receptivity to the body on her own terms, we awaken our original gnosis… our true soul essence, our I AM presence. The body is the altar through which the Mysteries incarnate into the world.

Sofiah is a true vessel of the Great Lady. Choosing to be in our bodies and love them unequivocally is a radical act of revolution. In these times of great change, here at the turning of the Ages, it is imperative that we reclaim our sovereignty. Our sovereignty, our true power to ignite a thriving planet and global community, to offer a legacy of love to the next generations, grows strong roots in the fertile soil of our body temples. Sofiah is doing the work of this reclamation with integrity, purity and deep love.