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Temple Body Day 2019 – Partner Promotional Center

International Temple Body Day

August 22nd

Promotional Window

  August 5 – August 21

Help us spread the word about this inspiring global event!

Your interview will be featured between August 16 – August 21. Please find your specific date below.

Rose Cole – August 16 – Theme: Intention & living life as Ritual

Solé – August 17 – Theme: Sacred Embodiment

Malaika Darville – August 18 –Theme: Expressive Arts 

Achintya Devi – August 19 – Theme: Sexual Sovereignty

Laura Holick – August 20 – Theme: Creative Power  

Heather Salmon – August 21 – Theme: Mysticism

International Temple Body Day Partner Checklist

  1. Register for Temple Body Day & Join the Temple Body Sisterhood Group is live! Register for Temple Body Day to experience the magic unfolding and see how you’re featured throughout the event.

Connect with our Temple Body Day community in the Temple Body Sisterhood Facebook Group. Set your intentions for what you want this experience to amplify and attract in your life and make it your special Temple Body Day!  We will be sharing each Conversation with the Divine Feminine (that’s you) inside our Temple Body Sisterhood Facebook Group, so check out what people are commenting and engage in the conversation when you can.


  1. Verify the content on your Partner Page 

Your Partner Page on  will be launched on August 5, and will introduce you to the Temple Body Day community. Check your feature to ensure everything is as you want it to be and let us know if there are any desired adjustments! Please email: with any changes or questions.

  1. Schedule your solo-emails & social media posts

Promotional materials, including emails, social posts, and your personalized graphics, can be found at the end of this page. 

You can copy and paste your emails and posts from the samples included, or create your own. 

The promotional window is August 5 – August 21, with the first interviews going live on August 16

When sharing be sure to include and encourage people to register before August 16 so they don’t miss any interviews! 

  1. Mark your calendar: The Temple Body Day Live Stream is August 22!

Interviews and practices from our beautiful speakers will start on the 16th leading up to the Big Day August 22. On this day many of us will be gathering in the flesh, creating a powerful vortex of energy  as thousands of women connect virtually to tap into the power and wisdom living within their bodies together for the day.

See schedule of events below for August 22.

These events will be happening live at Danyasa and shared live via Facebook!  

10:00 – 10:30 am PT :  Live discussion With Sofiah on being comfortable in your own skin – prepping for the journey

11:00 – 1:30 pm PT :  Guided Sacred Movement and Expressive Arts Temple Body Journey

1:30 – 2:00 pm PT :  Closing discussion and Q&A

We so appreciate your support of Temple Body Day on email and social media!  Our team will be in touch in the days leading up to the first planned message to make sure you have everything you need. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any concerns!  

Solo Emails

Send solo-emails to your community for International Temple Body Day between August 5 – August 21.

We’ve included an email template you can use to promote Temple Body Day. You are welcome to copy and past this emails or create your own.  

Be sure to include links to when sharing and please CC: in the send.

Thank you again for supporting Temple Body Day with your presence and embodied wisdom!

Solo Email
Send between August 5 – August 21
*Please be sure to add to your email list so we can see your email!

EMAIL SUBJECT: Make a date with YOURSELF. Join me for Temple Body Day!

Hello [Name],

Your body is a temple. A sacred space. A home for divine creative spirit and your feminine power.
Are you ready to recognize yourself as sacred and holy, to feel comfortable in your own skin, and to honor the sexual creative energy that lives within?

Join us, as thousands of women around the world gather for the 3rd Annual International Temple Body Day, its time to feel at home in our bodies and remember our feminine power. On the 3rd Annual International Temple Body Day You Will… 

> Claim freedom from the fear of not fulfilling your purpose and further release the old stories that have a hold on you by reconnecting to your temple body’s essence, creating new and powerful ways of being and expressing yourself, and shaking things up through movement.
> Move out of your head and into your heart by taking this necessary time to tune into the wisdom your body holds so you can stop thinking that you’re playing small and begin intuitively taking profound steps to fulfilling your destiny without hesitation.
> Become not only comfortable, but confident in your own skin by first activating and opening up the connection to your feminine and creative sexual power which will ignite and motivate you from deep within to create the life you truly desire.

Sign up today for this free gathering and make a date to honor yourself and your divine temple body!


I am so honored to be part of this amazing project with seven other feminine leaders sharing their embodied wisdom.

Sofiah Thom, the host and creator of this movement, will guide us through a powerful Temple Body Arts process to awaken our creative potential and remember ourselves as sacred. Join us on August 22nd for International Temple Body Day as we dive deep and connect with the beauty, wisdom and power that lives within your Temple Body.

In our live conversation, Sofiah and I will speak about [INSERT MORE INFORMATION AND TOPICS FROM YOUR INTERVIEW].

I hope you will join me in this powerful experience of sharing embodied wisdom to deepen your relationship with your Temple Body.


On August 22, International Temple Body Day will be broadcast LIVE from Sofiah’s home studio in Costa Rica and we are calling all women around the globe to gather! You can connect from anywhere in the world!

When you sign up for this free event, you’ll receive access to the live guided Temple Body journey for August 22nd, as well as interviews with myself and seven other feminine leaders sharing their stories beginning on August 16th!

Click below to register for this inspiring event as we come together to fall in love with our Temple Bodies, remember that we belong, and celebrate our divine feminine power living within.

Make sure you register now to gain access!

Join the movement! [CTA: Claim My Seat!]

With love,
{Your Name}

p.s. Don’t forget to make a date with your Temple Body…. Put it in your calendar and share with your sisters!

Email Newsletter Mention
Send between August 5 – August 21

HEADER: Feel at Home In Your Temple Body!

Celebrate what it means to honor your body as a temple on International Temple Body Day!

Join me and Sofiah Thom on August 22nd for International Temple Body Day as we gather women from all around the globe to connect with the divine feminine power that lives within all of our Temple Bodies.

When you register for this free and inspiring event, you’ll also receive access to my interview and 7 other amazing talks from prominent feminine leaders!

My interview goes live on [INSERT DATE]. Let’s gather to celebrate ourselves as women, and fall in love with the divine feminine power that lives within us all! [CTA: Claim My Seat!]

Social Media Posts

There are many ways to share the inspiration for Temple Body Day! I’ve included sample posts and details below to inspire your audience, but feel free to craft copy in your own voice.  

SOCIAL POSTING DATES:  Monday, August 5 – Wednesday, August 21.





Please link here to drive registration for the event.


SOFIAH THOM | IG/FB: @SofiahThom

DANYASA | FB: DanyasaArts / IG: danyasa_yoga_retreat

*Please only tag Danyasa in posts on the day of event

We also encourage you to tag the other feminine leaders speaking in this event with you! Find their social handles below:

  • Rose Cole – @rituality_with_rose – Theme: Intention & living life as Ritual
  • Solé – @mrssole – Theme: Sacred Embodiment
  • Malaika Darville – @malaika.darville – Theme: Expressive Arts 
  • Achintya Devi – @goddess_rising – Theme: Sexual Sovereignty
  • Heather Salmon – @black_swan_temple – Theme: Mysticism
  • Laura Holick – @laurahollicksoulartstudio – Theme: Creative Power 
  • Sarah Wu – @_village.witch_ – Theme: Living Body, Living Earth
  • Maite Onochie – @maite_yoga

Post August 5 – August 21

Your Sacred Feminine is calling! It is safe for you to be seen and expressed. Do you desire to feel comfortable in your own skin? Dive in deeper at #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Join thousands of women around the world on this day to celebrate and reclaim your unique essence.  All the wisdom, power, and beauty you desire lives inside your Temple Body. #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Your body is a temple, and instrument of the divine. Celebrate your Temple Body and live life comfortable in your own skin! #HonorYourTempleBody

Make love to life! Experience yourself as the divine, powerful creatrix that you are! #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

It’s time to let your magnificence shine! #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Join thousands of women around the world on this day to CELEBRATE your TEMPLE BODY and REMEMBER that you are DIVINE. #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Give yourself permission to show up as you are and connect to your body in new ways.  Join us August 22nd. #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

All the power, wisdom, beauty and grace you desire lives inside your Temple Body. #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Tap into the wellspring of divine feminine power living within your temple body. Join the conversation at #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Celebrate your temple body and choose to live life aligned with your highest YES!  Join the online event! #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

You are the creatrix of your destiny. Align yourself with the highest frequency of love! Let’s create a more loving, embodied world together. Join me for Temple Body Day! #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Your Inner Goddess is calling! Feel seen and comfortable in your own skin. What do you desire to RELEASE or LET GO of? Dive in deeper at #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Daily reminder: you are divine, and so is your amazing, strong, beautiful Temple Body. Celebrate the skin you’re in on Temple Body Day! #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

Open yourself to the transformative power of love. Know your body as sacred and holy, a divine temple to be worshiped. Join the conversation of Temple Body Day! #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

International Temple Body Day is happening on August 22nd! Join thousands of women from around the globe as we connect, dance and co-create with movement and art. Get all the details and sign up for free here: #HonorYourTempleBody

Tune into this free virtual event with me and 5 other inspiring embodied leaders sharing their wisdom to support you on the path of coming home to your body. #HonorYourTempleBody

You have the power to say YES to what turns you on and ignites your passion. Move, Express and Create with thousands of women from around the world. August 22nd is Temple Body Day! #TempleBodyDay

Thousands of women will gather from around the world to experience the creativity, power, and wisdom living in their bodies. Join us on August 22nd #TempleBodyDay #HonorYourTempleBody

You are the creatrix of your destiny. Celebrate your sovereignty with women from around the world during International Temple Body Day on August 22nd. Learn more and register for this free virtual event at #HonorYourTempleBody

As women, we hold the POWER to CREATE in every moment. Join thousands of women from around the globe as we connect, dance and create movement art rituals together during International Temple Body Day on August 22nd. Get all the details and sign up for free here: #HonorYourTempleBody

Join me for a day of inspiration, celebration, and liberation! Temple Body Day is August 22nd! See how you can participate from anywhere in the globe at #HonorYourTempleBody

Get out of your head and into your body! Come dance, move, and express your true nature as we celebrate our sacred temple bodies. #HonorYourTempleBody

Temple Body Day Graphics

Click on a thumbnail image to see it larger. Right-click (or option-click on a Mac) in the middle of the larger image and save it on your computer. Use these images to promote on social media, in your newsletter and in your solo emails. Include a link to with each image.

Video: A Taste of Temple Body Arts